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drum circle at el dorado canyon

What is a Community Drum Circle?

Probably one of the oldest forms of humans gathering to celebrate or meditate is the community drum circle. The purpose is to include everyone and anyone who wants to participate. That could mean not only drums and percussion, but playing any other musical instrument as well as dancing and singing!

It's a tribal gathering where folks can share the present moment, kids can be expressive and a little wild, passers-by can stop & 'shake a shaker' or 'ring a bell' on their way to wherever and on & on...

It's always an adventure that is an available source of energy to & from all living things...

I'm talking about trees, flowers, water, butterflies, squirrels, etc., etc.

We all love music, and drumming music tends to vibrate a little further and can therefore 'communicate' for miles around—even if it's not heard, but felt.

Here's a little saying I've found to be true not only at drum circles, but on a daily basis:


—See ya at the circle.

Local Drumming Resources


A complete list of all types of drumming activity on the front range. Join at: http://www.darkwaters.org/drumming
Host: Doug Bates


A list of drumming activity in Colorado Springs. To join, email: hotwheelshippy@yahoo.com
Host: Tony

Kissidugu: a West African Performance troupe under the direction of Master Drummer and Dancer, Fara Tolno.

Project Drum: an educational organization that teaches workshops for teachers, facilitates drum circles and artists in Residence programs. Director and lead instructor: Fara Tolno

www.cherishanti.com for local djembe classes, drum circles, and community events.

drum circle at red rocks