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The Drum Circle and Trance drumming only needed two notes. Now - for Ensemble drumming - you’’ll need that “third” note.

This is my specialty. “Ensemble” drumming requires more technique and now some musical awakenings. Not only will one be responsible for a particular rhythm but will also have to play in harmony with other drummers. The rhythms fit together in particular way. I have a whole teaching process called ”The Hansen Method” that has a guaranteed success rate - if you put the time in. The “if you put the time in” is absolutely required for learning any musical instrument as well as anything else for that matter.

The “ensemble” drummer is responsible for ‘holding’ or repeating a rhythm while other drummers are playing complimentary ones. This is what I call “making drum music”. The “third” note is now becoming important as drums have melodies that interweave when played in harmony. Being able to produce all three notes clearly and consistently is not a miracle - it’s muscle memory! There’s only one way to get it - mindfully and repetitively.

Wether you are a Drum Circle drummer, a Trance/Meditational drummer, a Solo drummer, an Ensemble drummer, or a West African drummer….GOOD NOTES ALWAYS MATTER!
MAKE DRUMMING MORE FUN THAN EVER with “The Hansen Method” - a little West African, a little bit rock-n-roll, a whole lot of Funn!

The Drum Orchestra is the Ultimate in Ensemble Drumming!
I have developed orchestras of sixty plus drummers that can all play anywhere from three to five rhythms in harmony together and follow improvised conducting to boot. Along with that, I have created arrangements of popular nostalgia songs that we sing to drum beats. You know - the usual - The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Grateful Dead, Three Dog Night, Joni Mitchell, etc…..

“100 drummer orchestra”

“Higher Ground Drum Ensemble”


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