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Quite often “Drum Circle” drumming leads straight to “Trance” drumming. Time after time I’ve heard the same comments from my beginning-beginner students that it’s so “trancy” and all we did was play a bass note on one hand for 2 minutes….Everything about learning to play a drum induces a trance or meditation of some sort.

It’s all about the vibration of the instrument.

It stands to reason that the “trance” will be deeper if the drummer is getting the best sound out of it. Also - the “trance” will be deeper if the drummer doesn’t have to think about the rhythmic mantra. Once again - one has come to the point of wanting to further their skills to enhance their experience.

In “trance” drumming one only really needs two notes - a low and a high. In time the third note can be included but truly, if the trance is the goal - two notes will work just fine! For that matter - one will too! :0)

For“Trance” drumming to really be effective one needs to make good notes. Fast or tricky hand patterns would not be advised either Getting the mind to stop its chatter is the primary goal here so developing the muscle memory needed to make good notes and rhythms is vital.

Wether you are a Drum Circle drummer, a Trance/Meditational drummer, a Solo drummer, an Ensemble drummer, or a West African drummer….GOOD NOTES ALWAYS MATTER!
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